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December 6, 201912:00 AM
Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing The advance of modern technology, having a website or run some nontargeted ad campaign.
Today’s business owner needs digital marketing to compete. The customers are online. This is where they search for products, this is where they shop and...
November 26, 201912:00 AM
How Important Is Social Media For Your Digital Marketing When it comes to the general user, social media is, without a doubt, one of the most popular platforms now for the casual computer user, with over three billion users worldwide. That’s many people worldwide checking out cat photos and ...
November 22, 201912:00 AM
Digital Marketing 101 What Every Business Owner Should Know Technology has influenced the way we live. It has provided a convenient way for people to perform their tasks. We are now experiencing the effects of the so-called digital revolution, and they are bound to stay.
The world of marketing is ...
November 15, 201912:00 AM
Professional Digital Marketing Is The Ideal Solution For Growing Ones Small Business Many people dream of one day starting their own business, and why not? Who doesn't want to be in charge, set their hours, and decide what jobs they want to take on? As such, lots of folks eventually act on ...
November 8, 201912:00 AM
Choose Good Content To Maximize Your Marketing Online marketing depends on a few important factors, and some of the biggest include search engine optimization and sharing through social media.  For both these marketing methods, businesses should create unique and interesting content that...
June 2, 201912:00 AM
First Post Stradigi Hello!
Welcome to our blog. We are working on our first post which will be posted shortly. See you soon!...

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At Stradigi, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we work on providing customized solutions to meet your marketing needs. From general consulting services to direct mailers, utilizing our services is an excellent way to help your Lafayette, IN and Pittsburgh, PA businesses grow.
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17 S 6th Street Suite 16
Lafayette, IN 47909

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